Pin Trading Experience Set to Begin at SeaWorld Orlando

Following Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando, SeaWorld just announced that they’ll be launching an interactive pin trading experience. Guests will be able to collect their favorite pins and trade with Park Ambassadors and other guests to get new collectible pins and grow their collection.

To get started, you can pick up your first set of pins and a lanyard from The SeaWorld Store. Once you’ve done that, you can find SeaWorld Ambassadors and guests around the park who are also wearing a pin trading lanyard. SeaWorld Ambassadors with lanyards will be found throughout the park in gift shops, theaters, the front gate,and the park entrance.

A variety of pins will be available to park guests. Core pin series will feature a variety of animal pins that will be available until that pin is retired. SeaWorld will also release limited edition attraction and event pins that will only be sold for a limited time. Pins that are no longer in production will be marked with a retirement sticker so be sure to keep an eye out for those because
they’ll be sure to go fast!

Pins will cost between $7.99 – $13.99. Starter sets will include 4 pins and a lanyard and will cost around $29.99. Pass Members will be able to save 10% on pins and accessories and they will also be able to get Pass Member exclusive pins.

Click here for more details about SeaWorld’s new pin trading experience.


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Image Credit: SeaWorld Blog