Epcot’s Odyssey Undergoes Light Remodel

In recent years, a former Epcot restaurant called The Odyssey has undergone many changes to host shops, seminars, exhibits, and even food and beverage kiosks for many of the park’s events and festivals.

The Odyssey, located between the park’s Mexico pavilion and Test Track attraction, will undergo a “light remodel” of the interior which will create a better space to hold more of these events in the future. It’s likely that this space will become the new Festival center since the Wonders of Life pavilion was closed starting with the current Flower and Garden Festival.

“We’ll look at all our open venues and see what priorities we need to have for the park. So it’s going to be flex space for whatever we need it to be,” said Dave Kesting, general manager of Epcot festivals. “It could be a restaurant one day, it could be a merchandise shop the next day, it could be character greeting — whatever we need to be.”

In recent months, the space had been used for demonstrations during the Epcot International Festival of the Arts and a craft-beer stop for the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. In addition to these changes, the large black panels on its exterior have been replaced with less opaque glass giving guests a chance to see what events are being held on the inside.


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Source: Orlando Sentinel