Test Your Knowledge with The Supercharged Network at Fast & Furious – Supercharged


Nick Linguanti    Nick Linguanti September 7, 2018

With the opening of our newest attraction Fast & Furious – Supercharged, I want to highlight a new and exciting interactive experience built into The Official Universal Orlando Resort App – the Supercharged Network.

In the Supercharged Network, you can access interactive content on your mobile as you experience the attraction queue. You can test your knowledge on the Fast & Furious films, read up on car bios and more.

To access the Supercharged Network, tap the Fast & Furious – Supercharged ride location, then scroll down to Supercharged Network.

As you enter the Fast & Furious – Supercharged queue The Official Universal Orlando Resort App will unlock a ton of incredible elements in the Supercharged Network like:

  • Fast & Furious Team Bios: Check out the latest stats on the Fast & Furious See stats, get some up close photos, and more within each individual character’s biography.
  • The Cars: Check out these supped up muscle cars (including bios on the 12 cars from the Fast & Furious films you’ll see at the attraction) and get facts and stats, on each vehicle.
  • Communication Hub: As you explore the abandoned warehouse, take a peek as Tej, Roman, and Mia chat back and forth.
  • Personality Quizzes: See how YOU measure up, with two personality quizzes to see what character you’re most like and what Fast & Furious car you identify with most. You can even give your results a shout out and share them on social media!

Fast Trivia

Easily my favorite addition to the Supercharged Network, Fast Trivia allows you to compete head to head, while in the queue, to see who knows the most about the Fast & Furious franchise. Here’s how it works:

  1. As you approach the Fast & Furious ride, the first of four exclusive levels will unlock. Tap Fast Trivia in the Supercharged Network, and come up with your undercover Alias (remember to keep it clean).
  2. Next your first level unlocks—Locations. Here you’ll be quizzed on famous locations of past Fast & Furious movies and missions. Remember, time is of the essence—the faster you correctly answer, the more points you’ll get!
  3. Once outdoors, near the infamous BBQ picnic table, you’ll unlock level round two – Family. Here it’s a race against the clock to answer the family connections that bind our Fast & Furious crew together.
  4. You’re almost to the finish line. Once inside the parking garage, you’ll get to peep at the team’s muscle car collection. You’ve now unlocked your third level—Cars. Again, beat the clock and answer the next ten questions about the cars of the films.
  5. Once inside, you’ll be so close to the after party you’ll hear the beats pumping and A/C flowing in our interior garage. Once you pass our DJ Truck (check out those cool, LED lights), you’ll unlock the final level—Missions. Remember those out of this world, death-defying stunts from the Fast & Furious Films? I hope so because you’re up… answer the next 10 questions about the Fast & Furious insane missions.
  6. You’ve reached the finish line, and are about to head into the Family Room. But before you go, check out how you did on the Leaderboard. You’ll compete against other park guests to get your alias on the daily Leaderboard for all to see.

There are also two main Leaderboards in the ride that shows each day’s top 10 leaders. One is located outside the front entrance of the ride, and the second is in the queue before you get to the ride loading platform.

Best of all you can use our free in-park Wi-Fi to quickly download and use The Official Universal Orlando Resort App anywhere in-park.

Well, that’s a wrap on the Supercharged Network. Let’s play head to head… look for me on the Leaderboards (Alias: Linguini). And share your highest scores using hashtag #FastFuriousRide!