Disney Parks in Silhouette: Disney Heroines at Famous ‘Disney Walls’

Disney Parks in Silhouette: Disney Heroines at Famous ‘Disney Walls’

Jennifer Fickley-Baker      by Jennifer Fickley-Baker, Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort


Earlier this fall, we introduced you to talented silhouette designer Keith Lapinig and the creations he makes using paper, scissors, a camera – and a lot of imagination!

In this week’s batch of silhouette pieces, Keith takes a fun twist on our parks’ Instagram-famous “Disney Walls” by using their colorful backdrops to give color to Disney Heroines’ dresses.

To find the perfect purple for Rapunzel’s dress, Keith headed to Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom Park to pop a silhouette in front of the land’s photo-famous Purple Wall.

Disney Parks in Silhouette: Princess Tiana

To find the perfect green for Princess Tiana’s gown, Keith headed to Disney’s Animal Kingdom to seek out the Moss Wall in Pandora – The World of AVATAR. According to Keith, “Pandora’s moss walls were the perfect background to complete Princess Tiana’s green attire. The little accents of discolored yellow moss trickled in the back were great for the details on her dress.”

Disney Parks in Silhouette: Pocahontas

He then moved to another section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom to use the Beautiful Wall for Pocahontas’ dress.

“This natural earth-tone wall color was great for Pocahontas’ outfit, and it comes complete with an inspirational message that any Disney Princess would approve of!” he said.


His last stop was Epcot, where he sought out the Bubblegum Wall, which offered the perfect pink for Mulan’s dress.

“Possibly my favorite of the wall series because it worked so perfectly for Mulan, and it’s not a single color,” he said. “The Bubblegum Wall at Epcot possesses all of the right details for Mulan’s matchmaker outfit!”